Horse shelter owls

By | June 11, 2020

Gulls, terns, and skimmers

Request: Charadriiformes Family: Laridae

Laridae is a group of medium to huge seabirds, the gulls, terns, and skimmers. Gulls are ordinarily dim or white, frequently with dark markings on the head or wings. They have strong, longish bills and webbed feet. Terns are a gathering of commonly medium to enormous seabirds regularly with dim or white plumage, frequently with dark markings on the head. Most terns chase fish by plunging yet some take bugs out the outside of new water.allabout-solgar-vitamins Terns are commonly extensive winged creatures, with a few animal categories known to live more than 30 years. Skimmers are a little group of tropical tern-like flying creatures. They have a stretched lower mandible which they use to take care of by flying low over the water surface and skimming the water for little fish.

Herring gull, Larus argentatus

Lesser dark supported gull, Larus fuscus

Caspian gull, Larus cachinnans

Dim headed gull, Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus

Dark headed gull, Chroicocephalus ridibundus

Gull-charged tern, Gelochelidon nilotica

Caspian tern, Hydroprogne caspia

Lesser peaked tern, Thalasseus bengalensis

Regular tern, Sterna hirundo

Little tern, Sternula albifrons

Rough looking tern, Chlidonias hybrida

White-winged tern, Chlidonias leucopterus

Dark tern, Chlidonias niger

African skimmer, Rynchops flavirostris

Pigeons and birds

Request: Columbiformes Family: Columbidae

Pigeons and birds are strong bodied flying creatures with short necks and short slim bills with a plump cere.

Spotted pigeon, Columba guinea

Afep pigeon, Columba unicincta

Rameron pigeon, Columba arquatrix

Lemon dove, Columba larvata

Dim turtle dove, Streptopelia lugens

African grieving pigeon, Streptopelia decipiens

Red-peered toward dove, Streptopelia semitorquata

Ring-necked pigeon, Streptopelia capicola

Snickering dove, Spilopelia senegalensis

Emerald-spotted wood dove, Turtur chalcospilos

Blue-spotted wood dove, Turtur afer

Tambourine dove, Turtur tympanistria

Namaqua dove, Oena capensis

African green pigeon, Treron calva

Parrots, macaws and partners

Request: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae

Parrots are little to enormous feathered creatures with a trademark bended nose. Their upper mandibles have slight versatility in the joint with the skull and they have a by and large erect position. All parrots are zygodactyl, having the four toes on each foot put two at the front and two to the back. There are 335 species worldwide and 6 species which happen in Burundi.

Red-headed lovebird, Agapornis pullarius

Fischer’s lovebird, Agapornis fischeri

Yellow-busted lovebird, Agapornis personatus (I)

Dark parrot, Psittacus erithacus

Earthy colored necked parrot, Poicephalus robustus

Meyer’s parrot, Poicephalus meyeri


Request: Cuculiformes Family: Musophagidae

The turacos, plantain eaters and leave winged creatures make up the feathered creature family Musophagidae. They are medium-sized arboreal fowls. The turacos and plantain eaters are brilliantly hued, ordinarily in blue, green or purple. The leave flying creatures are generally dark and white. There are 23 species worldwide and 9 species which happen in Burundi.

Incredible blue turaco, Corythaeola cristata

Livingstone’s turaco, Tauraco livingstonii

Schalow’s turaco, Tauraco schalowi

Dark charged turaco, Tauraco schuettii

Purple-peaked turaco, Tauraco porphyreolophus

Rwenzori turaco, Ruwenzorornis johnstoni

Ross’ turaco, Musophaga rossae

Unabashed leave flying creature, Corythaixoides personatus

Eastern plantain-eater, Crinifer zonurus

Cuckoos and anis

Request: Cuculiformes Family: Cuculidae

The family Cuculidae incorporates cuckoos, roadrunners and anis. These feathered creatures are of variable size with slim bodies, long tails and solid legs. There are 138 species worldwide and 19 species which happen in Burundi.

Pied cuckoo, Clamator jacobinus

Levaillant’s cuckoo, Clamator levaillantii

Incredible spotted cuckoo, Clamator glandarius

Thick-charged cuckoo, Pachycoccyx audeberti

Red-chested cuckoo, Cuculus solitarius

Dark cuckoo, Cuculus clamosus

Normal cuckoo, Cuculus canorus

African cuckoo, Cuculus gularis

Madagascar cuckoo, Cuculus rochii

Dim since a long time ago followed cuckoo, Cercococcyx mechowi

Banned since a long time ago followed cuckoo, Cercococcyx montanus

Klaas’ cuckoo, Chrysococcyx klaas

African emerald cuckoo, Chrysococcyx cupreus

Dideric cuckoo, Chrysococcyx caprius

Blue malkoha, Ceuthmochares aereus

Dark coucal, Centropus grillii

Blue-headed coucal, Centropus monachus

Senegal coucal, Centropus senegalensis

White-browed coucal, Centropus superciliosus

Horse shelter owls

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